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This project is funded by the Daphne Programme of the European Union.

Partner Organisations:

Orientexpress Wien/Österreich

Planning Familiale, Montpellier/Frankreich

Iranian and kurdish women’s rights organisation, London/Great-Britain

Center Amalipe, Bulgarien

Pro Europa, Rumänien

Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte/Berlin


Der Polizeipräsident in Berlin

Berliner Polizei, Stabsstelle häusliche Gewalt

Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Technologie und Frauen

papatya, anonymous crisis shelter for girls and young women with a migration background
Mädchen mit Mütze Mädchen mit Kopftuch lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Kaffetasse lachendes MädchenMädchen mit Schleier

As part of the DAPHNE III Program of the European Union, PAPATYA is project execution body for the two-year project

“SHEROES”- Making migrant girls strong to take charge of their lives.

Many girls and young women from strictly patriarchal, traditional families have great difficulties leading self-determined lives. In Germany it is especially women of Turkish, Kurdish or Arab background who more and more are looking for protection against honour-related violence perpetrated by their own families. In France it is especially girls from the Maghreb, in Great Britain many young women of Pakistani background but also from Iran or Arab countries.  But we also find that young Roma are fleeing domestic violence and forced marriages. 

All of them are extremely reticent to make problems within the family known to counselling services or even state institutions.  In close collaboration with the girls and young women we develop ways and means of strengthening their agency and self-confidence and empowering them to better protect themselves from violence. We are focused on prevention and raising the quality of processes in all partnering projects through participation. This results in strategies for action that are not standardized but multi-layered and – by necessity – adapted to local conditions and sets of problems.

The project partners work on improving the protection of girls and young women who suffer domestic violence and are threatened by forced marriages, abduction or even “honour” killings.  Best practice models to get in touch with this hard-to-reach target group – especially the use of online counselling, such as “SIBEL”  offered by PAPATYA for six years now – are evaluated as to their transferability and disseminated further. The project “SHEROES” is based on the long-running cooperation of PAPATYA with partner projects that all offer grass roots level protection and advice for young migrants.

Project executive body and coordinator for the DAPHNE project:



Sheroes: Against honour related violence
empowering girls with migration
background to lead self-determined lives

On this CD, you will find the complete documentation of the Sheroes project that ran from May 2011 to April 2013. The texts are grouped according to topic and co-operating country: the project and evaluation outcomes, partner organisations, country specific reports on violence in the name of honour and forced marriages, reports on working with girls’ groups and all contributions to the Sheroes conferences in Vienna, Montpellier and London.

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