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Project Executive Body:

Folkuniversitetet, Uppsala/Schweden

Partner organisations:




Iranian and kurdish women’s rights organisation, London/Great-Britain

The Centre for Gender Studies, Athen/Griechenland





papatya, anonymous crisis shelter for girls and young women with a migration background
Mädchen mit Mütze Mädchen mit Kopftuch lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Kaffetasse lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Schleier

As part of the DAPHNE III Program of the European Union, PAPATYA is project partner for the project

HR in Practice – Human Rights as a part of language training to prevent HRV and harmful practices in the communities

“HRs in Practice” is coordinated by FOLKUNIVERSITETET Uppsala from Sweden with the participation of partner organisations from Greece, Sweden, Portugal, United Kingdom and Germany. The project aims to prevent violence linked to so-called harmful practices by inclusion of awareness rising and information about human rights in language training courses for newly arrived immigrants. To reach its goals the partnership will cooperate with immigrant NGOs and language centers. To prevent harmful practices not only girls and women should be informed about their rights, but their entire social environment: family, children and relatives.

HR in practice


Project executive body:

Partner organisations: