European Union
This project is funded by the Daphne Programme of the European Union.

Project Executive Body:

IKWRO (Iranian-Kurdisch women’s rights organisation)


Partner Organisations:


Refugee Women’s Association (RWA), Großbritannien





papatya, anonymous crisis shelter for girls and young women with a migration background
Mädchen mit Mütze Mädchen mit Kopftuch lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Kaffetasse lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Schleier

As part of the DAPHNE III Program of the European Union, PAPATYA is project partner for the project

3 Ps – Prevention, Protection, Prosecution

Girls and women of Kurdish, Turkish, Arab, Persian and Afghan origin, who live in Great Britain, Germany and other European countries, are supported to resist honour-related violence and forced marriages.

Qualified counselling, care provided in protected environments, emotional support and therapeutic and legal help support victims to find a way away from violence.

Information materials for those affected, trainings for multipliers and public awareness raising are measures to ensure that migrant women and girls who suffer from domestic violence will enjoy better protection and support.

Project Executive Body:

Partner organisations: